I'll Do Anything For Love
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A grin slowly crept along my lips, causing the ends to twitch up into a wicked smile. A rush of adrenaline surged through me as I pulled my blue hood up. A pair of cat ears rested on top, where my horns would normally poke out but instead they fit snug into the clothed ears, causing them to stick up as if I was really a cat.

Watching from my perch on a roof, I was completely hidden from sight. Not that anyone would notice me anyways, it was rush hour in the market place and everyone was too busy to even try to think. With a smirk, I sprinted to the edge of the roof, jumping off.

Landing discreetly into a thick hay bale, I held back a sneeze as is tickled my nose. I didn’t want anyone to know I was here, considering the mission I was about to go on.

Positioning myself to roll out of the bale, I did just that. Rolling into the crowd, I got on all fours and began to slink through the crowd of feet, looking for purses or bulging pockets.

Nobody even noticed me.

Why would they, though? I’m nothing more than a shadow under their feet, stealing little items that mean next to nothing to them. Every bit of money they lose, they can replace. Every loaf of bread or even cheap jewelry is always replaceable.

I only steal what I need, and what can be replaced.

I steal to live.


I crawled out of the sea of feet, my pockets thick with money and other valuables. Just things that I would sell later on, but for now I had a better plan for using the money.

Getting back onto my feet, I dusted my blue cloak off. Heading towards one of the open stalls that were selling assorted foods, my eyes traveled over everything. “Two breadsticks please, as well as some goat cheese.” I asked, setting the money down on the counter. Nodding, the man handed me the items and I turned to go back home.

Well, it was home depending on what your definition of a home was. In reality it was shambles, a small house with dirty floors and almost no space. Not to mention it was sorta hard to live there when you shared it with another person.

But home is home, and that’s all I can really say about it.

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